Mexico Inspired Meal

This “Mexican Medley” is for Diabetes Forecast magazine. Food photography by Kyle Dreier Food styling by Whitney Kemp


Lighter Lunch

Lunch recipe for Diabetes Forecast magazine. Food styling by Whitney Kemp Food photography by Kyle Dreier

Biscuits Food Photography

Southern Biscuits and Pancakes

Coming from Dallas, you’d think that biscuits would have been a part of our daily routine. Honestly, it wasn’t until Amy and I moved to Tennessee that we really had a sense of “The South” …


Crudité and Other Fancy Words

When I was growing up, my mom was pretty good about keeping me and my brother fed… no small task satisfying tall, active teenage boys. I can remember her buying in bulk (this is before …

Bacon Breakfast

Bacon and Ham, Please

Is it just me, or is there a universal obsession with bacon? I’m not being judgmental here… just making an observation. Case in point, my boys would put bacon on cereal if we let them. …


Freezer Aisle Food

Because I’m so good and keeping up with blogging about recent shoots (not), I thought I’d show what we did about a year ago. This is from the October issue of Diabetes Forecast… last year. …

Silo Nashville Hot Chicken and Chef Larry Carlile

Silo’s Chef Larry Carlile

The restaurant scene in Nashville seems to be hotter than ever right now. (I hate that I just said “restaurant scene”. Surely there’s a better way to state this.) How about… There are a lot …


Summertime Food

One of the things about our schedule with our editorial clients is that we are often shooting stories a few months ahead of the season. We then have a period of time where we don’t …


I scream … you know the rest

Here’s a little glimpse (or taste) of what’s been in my head lately. It’s the seesaw balance I have between order and chaos, design and photography, work and play. I’m sure a psychotherapist would have …

fresh ingredient cues

Ingredient Cues

We do a lot of food photography involving complete recipes where our food stylists are preparing dishes or meals to spec for restaurants, or they are following a recipe to be published in a magazine. …


Kidney Friendly Recipes

Sure, there are “kid-friendly” recipes out there, but have you ever heard of kidney-friendly recipes? Now you have. These from a shoot we did with our regular client the American Diabetes Association for their Diabetes …

hush puppies food photography

Captain D’s Social Media Campaign

Captain D’s did a recent social media campaign contest with a compare/contrast to find the differences between two food photographs highlighting their food and ingredients. We did the food photography with them here in Nashville …

Stoney River Steak Food Photography

Stoney River – Legendary Steaks, and more

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I really enjoy getting to work with outstanding chefs on food photography projects. Chef Jim and Chef Michael with Stoney River are no exception. It’s always a fun …


A Jackson Pollock Waffle, Sort Of

I’m a procrastinator. Now, finally after years of thinking of this we actual shot this last week. I’m so relieved. It really was haunting me. What else do I need to say, it’s part of …


Chinet Settings

I know it seems like I start each blog post with “we had fun…” but it’s true. We did have fun, and I’m OK with that. I love working with art directors who come with …


Fresh Veggies for Diabetes Forecast

Until we received the manuscript for this story I didn’t know what “celeriac” was. Honestly, I would have guessed it as some kind of food allergy disease. Turns out it’s a diabetic friendly root super …


Chef Trey Cioccia – The Farm House

I think there must be a little bit of Will Rogers in me ’cause I never met a “chef” I didn’t like. Trey is no exception. We had fun with him in the studio…particularly when …


Hoss Burgers

What fun it is to work with a smart entrepreneur—even more fun working with a smart entrepreneur with fantastic burger skills. That’s Dallas Shaw and he’s behing Hoss Loaded Burgers here in Nashville. We spent …

food photography for diabetes forecast magazine

Seeing Red for Diabetes Forecast Magazine

Some fun work we got to do for Diabetes Forecast Magazine recently. Is February almost over already? What?…March is almost over? Where is 2013 going? What?…it’s 2014!!? Time is flying. -Kyle

Thai Food Portrait

Nice Thai

I’m not really sure how my brain works, and I’m not sure I’d be up for getting a professional diagnosis either—I’m content being nuts. I’ve been having fun with my boys as we play with …

chef keith west from grays on main in franklin tn

Chef Keith West’s Bao Bun Slider from Gray’s On Main

There’s an old drug store on Main Street in Franklin that has been converted to a wonderful restaurant. That’s Chef Keith West’s domain. He came to the studio for a short visit to allow us …

Planet Smoothie Fruit Art Poster

Planet Smoothie Poster Fruit Art

It’s fun to be able to exercise my passion for typography…such was the case on a recent shoot. Thanks to the adventurous team over at Planet Smoothie we were able to do some neat typographic …

food photography workshop photo

Food Lighting Workshop Recap

From time to time I get to teach a small food photography lighting workshop here in Nashville. Sometimes I partner with a local restaurant and other times we just meet at the studio. Last night’s …


Chef Brandon’s Deviled Eggs from Mason’s

How about some wonderful Deviled Eggs? Chef Brandon Frohne from Mason’s in Nashville whipped up these fine creations for us to shoot for Nashville Lifestyles Magazine recently. Thanks Brandon for sharing your artistry with us. …

matt farley, the southern, nashville

Chef Matt’s Steak Biscuits from The Southern

We recently did a few shots for Nashville Lifestyle’s local food issue here at the studio. More from that shoot to come later. Chef Matt Farley from The Southern put together a great Saffire Steak …


Breakfast with Ruby Tuesday in NYC

Breakfast is a little unusual for Ruby Tuesday, at least here in Tennessee. But at Ruby Tuesday in New York City you can enjoy Eggs Benedict and other breakfast goodness. We did the food photography …