Nothing says springtime like the smell of flowers … er, uh … burning marshmallow Peeps.

I couldn’t resist when Harry Frankenfeld offered up the notion after my recent adventure in burning regular ol’ plain boring marshmallows. (See my March 8th post.)

Well, you see, what you don’t likely know is that Harry and I worked together for almost 10 years, and during that time there sat a small package of Peeps Brand marshmallow chicks on his desk, untouched and unchanged the entire time.

So, in honor of the abnormally long shelf life of the marshmallow Peep, I present to you my photo experiment … burning a marshmallow Peep.

There you have it. All my curiosity is satisfied … at least about what a burning Peep looks like.

What next? Any ideas? Harry?

– Kyle

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2 Responses to Burning Marshmallow Peeps

  1. Weylon Smith says:

    The carnage! That last one looks like it came from a horror movie.

  2. Harry says:

    That is glorious! Many thanks – when we get back, I might need a large poster of one of those shots.

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