In late 1998 my wife and I moved to Nashville from Dallas, Texas. Our new friends here in Nashville talked about the cicada invasion that happens every thirteen years. We’d missed the Summer 1998 event and frankly kind of just dismissed the apocalyptic tone of these eyewitnesses. Growing up in Texas we had cicadas every year, not every thirteen. Besides, everything in Texas is bigger anyway—what makes Tennessee cicadas so special?

This year marks another thirteen year cycle with cicadas emerging from the ground, extracting themselves from their shells and turning up the volume of their mating calls. I’ll admit, it makes having a conversation outside a little difficult—the masses create quite the decibel level.

But, it’s not been their random swarms, menacing noise, or dive-bomb antics that piqued my curiosity. I simply wonder if they taste the same as Texas cicadas. What better way to find out than incorporating them into some recipes and make use of these naturally abundant organic food sources.

fresh cicada pasta

fresh cicada pasta

Penne Pasta with Sun-Dried Cicadas and Fresh Cherry Tomatos

grilled cicada skewers

Grilled Cicada and Marinated Veggie Kabobs on a bed of Taboule

cicada pizza

Goat Cheese Pizza with Fresh Basil and Baked Cicadas


– Kyle

2 Responses to Cicada Feast

  1. Rory says:

    Brilliant. This makes me smile from ear to ear.

  2. You are so “cicada-ly creative”. Love these little morsels. Check out my blog for my recent “Cicada Colada Cooler” recipe…no real cicadas, just “faux”. T

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