Crudité and Other Fancy Words

When I was growing up, my mom was pretty good about keeping me and my brother fed… no small task satisfying tall, active teenage boys. I can remember her buying in bulk (this is before Sam’s Club and Costco) Mrs. Baird’s fried pies and cream-filled cupcakes from the day-old store. We’d keep them in the freezer and nuke them as our appetites dictated.

Well, the other side of the spectrum was that mom would cut up veggies and put them on a big platter and serve them up for us to eat with some ranch dressing. It’s not until recently (because I’m not very cultured) that I learned this is called a crudité platter. We just called it cut veggies, but then again I did grow up in Dallas, Texas.

So why all this talk about cut veggies and crudités? Oh, that fancy word came up on a recent shoot involving them. See sample below. Another word that came up recently was charcuterie. Nothing to show for that yet. Who knows what words will come up this week. – Kyle


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