Food Lighting Workshop Recap

From time to time I get to teach a small food photography lighting workshop here in Nashville. Sometimes I partner with a local restaurant and other times we just meet at the studio. Last night’s class was through The Skillery and we did the skillering (if I might take some liberty with making The Skillery a verb) at my studio.

I enjoy hearing from each participant why they came and how they plan to use their fresh new lighting skilleries. (Stop me.) Seems that “bloggers with day jobs” is a recurring theme. One of the challenges they face is shooting after the sun is long gone for the evening. We can fix that.



So, with a few cheap items from Home Depot and $18.53 later we work to produce images with the appearance of natural light coming in from a window…not an on-camera flash. Pop quiz…what’s the ugliest light?

food photography workshop photo

Thanks to everyone who attended. You all were a great group…I know this because you tolerated my Dr. Pepper induced chattiness. And, a special thanks to Nancy for the wonderful cookies she made and brought to share with everyone. How many did I eat? I’m afraid I lost count. 🙂

– Kyle

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