Food Truck Friday – December

¡Feliz Navidad! Today’s food truck friday theme is “South of the Border.” What better way to forget about the bitter, winter cold than to talk about caliente food trucks and probably my favorite to-go food, tacos.

Kyle and I have continued our work with the Nashville Food Truck Association which has been an amazing experience. If you have followed my posts before, you know that we have the pleasure of meeting all the chefs, seeing the trucks, and more often than not, tasting lots of food made by the same trucks you see roaming the streets of Nashville. One of the best things about food trucks in general is that they offer a ton of variety. Quite often you can find them collaboratively grouped at meal time, providing lots of cuisine choices in a small zone.

While there is a lot of variety, there is one type of food that seems to pop up more often than most… muy deliciosa Mexican. They say that no snowflake is the same, well that’s how I feel about food truck tacos… well, and that I need to taste them all, haha. The taco’s size and shape are perfectly designed to be eaten on the move. Everything is wrapped up nice and neat, with utensils rarely needed. Despite the overlap in “packaging” (aka tortillas), these food trucks manage to separate themselves from each other and create distinctive variety with burritos, tacos, and the like. Even with the same ingredients, the typical Mexican fare from one truck tastes completely different from the “same” food as another. That is just amazing to me; taking such a commonly admired food type, with common ingredients and using personal/regional cooking methods and seasonings to create something completely unique. These chefs are truly magicians… especially to a guy like me who doesn’t do a whole lot of cooking, haha.

Photographing them has been a lot of fun. Kyle and all of us at dreier & company strive to bring that same personal and unique spin that these chefs apply to their food to our photography. Everyone has a camera, lots of people photograph food, but despite the overlaps, what you get with dreier & company is always unique, expertly crafted and delivered. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at our website or look at the images below to see what we can capture (even in a tiny, cramped, hot kitchen on wheels.)

– John

(P.S. – See more food trucks here.)







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