Food Truck Friday – January

Let’s talk about politics for a minute… actually, lets not, haha! Nobody likes to hear about politics and I don’t want you to lose your appetite because it’s Food Truck Friday! Today I want to continue our series about these delicious wheeled restaurants by talking about two trucks that are extensions of brick and mortar businesses and one that’s well, a choo-choo.

Jeni’s Ice cream and Little Cancun are two trucks that both have parent establishments. They are used as an extension of the restaurant taking their food and desserts to you. What a great way to market while still selling product. Sure you can get all sorts of things delivered these days, but with a food truck you aren’t just getting delivery, you’re getting the restaurant’s kitchen at your feet. The food comes out hot and fresh, or in Jeni’s case, sweet and not melting everywhere, and you get to enjoy it how it’s meant to be enjoyed without having to go to the actual restaurant. This opens up these restaurants to all new customers who may have never heard of or taken the time to eat at these establishments.  Want to try a new place but don’t want to drive all the way across town? Well, on the right, sunny day in Nashville you have your chance. Having these trucks also offers more opportunity for your loyal customers to get your product without them having to keep coming to the actual restaurant. Bottom line, moving restaurants are awesome.

On the other side of the coin you have food trucks that are completely unique to themselves. No parent restaurant as home base. So, how do you stand out if you don’t have a name that’s already established? Truck creativity – that’s how. Lil Choo-Choos BBQ is one of the most unique trucks (it’s actually a trailer) we’ve seen since Kyle and I started shooting these trucks in 2015. It’s a train (duh) and when the grill is hot there is the sweet sweet smell of BBQ pouring out of the smoke stack adding to the illusion. It’s fun to see how the creativity of these chefs extends outside of the kitchen. How they brand themselves and how different they all are has been fun to see.

Much like our brick and mortar friends that have gone “food truck” mobile – we have a home base in our Nashville studio where you can get our product, but we also have the ability to hop in our “truck” and take our photography kitchen anywhere. Whether in the studio or across the county (our metaphorical truck is TSA approved) Dreier & Company is going to deliver you food photography perfection.

– John




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