Food Truck Friday – June

It’s been a while, but since the sun is out and summer has officially begun we thought it was time to bring back the food trucks. One of the coolest things about food trucks being all over, is the vast variety of different options you can have in any one location. This week the three trucks I chose to feature are Bahn-Mi & Roll Factory, a Vietnamese food truck, Funk Seoul Brother, which is Korean and Japanese street food, and Et Voila, which serves French cuisine.

These trucks are bringing cuisine from countries far away directly to your nearest neighborhood. That is amazing! These trucks are also making these cuisines more accessible. I have never been to Vietnam or Korea and I am not very familiar with their cuisines. So, if I’m about to drive all the way to a restaurant, odds are I am going to try and go somewhere more in my comfort zone. It’s different with food trucks. When there are a lot of food options directly in front of you, I think it makes it easier to branch out and sample new cuisine. Even if you find you don’t like something, there is always another option you will enjoy just steps away. The NFTA (Nashville Food Truck Association) has a lot of trucks that are doing this same thing. Bringing foreign cuisine to Nashville and making it easy, affordable, accessible, and delicious.

Shooting these trucks this past year and getting to sample all of these mobile chefs creations has definitely helped spark my culinary curiosity. So next time you’re at an event, step a little out of your comfort zone and I bet you’ll be surprised and pleased with what you find. These chefs are doing amazing things. Now go expand your palate (and your stomachs)!

– John

(P.S. – See more food trucks here.)


Bahn-Mi Food Truck


Funk Seoul Brother Food Truck


Et Voila Food Truck

Photography by Kyle Dreier

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