Food for a Day

We’re doing a little catching up around here. It seems spring has brought some spring cleaning and the blog is finally benefiting from a little bit of attention.

The following tear sheets are from an ongoing client, Diabetes Forecast magazine produced for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). We get to do quite a bit of food photography for the ADA, and in doing so I’ve learned more about what foods are better for those suffering from diabetes. While I don’t have diabetes I do try to eat with some leaning toward healthy options. These diabetic-friendly recipes have helped shape my awareness and eating habits. This particular story was how to keep your calorie count down at 1,600 for a single day. (I think I had a dessert with that many calories one time.)

We shot these spreads here in the studio while getting direction via video-conferencing with the art director halfway across the country. Food styling by Whitney Kemp.

– Kyle



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