I Saw The Sign

Probably one of the most satisfying things about my work life is getting to collaborate with and rub elbows with talented people in many different disciplines. We certainly have our fair share of greatness within our walls (Erica, John, Emily), but we also get to hire people to come in and elevate our efforts. Each production has experts in their specialized areas whether it be food styling, lighting, props or catering. But, there are also artisans we get to work with aside from our food photography productions.

When I finally stopped dragging my feet about what to put on the side of our freshly painted building I knew I wanted to find a traditional (old school) sign painter. Little did I know I would find an artist, a craftsman and a fellow lover of hand painted goodness all in one. Meghan Wood is the talented hands and superior brains behind I Saw The Sign, an old school, hand painting, creative sign company here in Nashville.

Now that I’ve completely built her up to super hero status…here’s some snaps of her in action. You can see her other great work around Nashville at instagram.com/isawthe_sign/.


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