Last Week’s Highs and Lows

My wife introduced our family to a little dinner-time game to engage our boys around the dinner table…us boys don’t offer much talking on our own. Around the table each of us waits our turn and gives our “high” and “low” for the day. During the school year our boys have the predictable standard answers—High? “Recess”. Low? Insert any school subject here…usually Math. I remember having similar answers when I was in elementary school and my parents would ask what my favorite part of my day was, except my answer was usually “lunch.” Go figure. Even as an adult (I use that term loosely) I find it difficult to come up with answers for my high and low. So today I’m trying to at least identify a high and a low for the week. Who knows, maybe I’ll get better at this and make it a regular thing here.

I’ll start with the Low since that’s usually easier for me to think of.

This week’s Low?

Trying (AKA not succeeding) to get a rouge router to communicate with the network printers in my office. Why does refuse to communicate with Why don’t they just give these devises friendly names like Ronnie Router and Patricia Printer so they can all shake hands and get along? I don’t care if it’s a DHCP issue. Just stop the bickering and work together.

This week’s High(s)?

1. Having my boys assist me on a small food photography shoot. I was doing a simple little food product test for a comp and thought the boys would enjoy seeing how things work on a photo shoot. Yes, I had a 10 year old Digital Tech, an 8 year old Grip and a 6 year old Camera Operator. What I found really funny was how quickly they picked up on their specific responsibilities and took ownership. It was quite a fun little exercise—and yes, I paid them—they earned it. They were even providing some useful art direction. I think it might be time to officially be scared that they could end up in the creative business. Oh, did I mention our test shot was cheesecake? Another high!

New York Cheesecake with Cherry Pie Filling Topping

2. Walking into my somewhat usual coffee spot (Frothy Monkey) only to be greeted by loud construction noises which are counter to peace I was going there for. I know this sounds like a “low” but hang with me here. As I walked into construction zone Frothy I did a complete u-turn without missing a step and proceeded back to my car taking a maiden voyage to a new (to me) coffee spot down the street in the 12-South area where they make a mean frozen Chai. Portland Brew.

3. Going to the Dollar Movie in Greenhills to see The Adventures of Tintin with Amy and the boys. Wow, what a fun, creative, well done, captivating movie.

4. Enjoying a late night at the park with the family, sitting on a blanket, listening to the Kadillacs and watching fireworks on the 4th of July.

Well, that was a fun exercise. I didn’t anticipate having so many things to share. Perhaps it’s the Double Mocha I had that’s turned me in to a Chatty Cathy this morning. Add Double Mocha to the Highs list.


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