Meats in the Raw

We don’t often get asked to photograph raw meats, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to do some personal/portfolio work on the subject. Nashville food stylist Teresa Blackburn and I schemed up the idea of doing these graphic still lives. I guess this is just further proof that food photography and food styling isn’t always a recipe or something on a restaurant menu.

Truth be known, Teresa and I get into a zone when working together on little projects like this. I guess it’s our fine art backgrounds that kick in and take over. The compositions develop as Teresa pulls wonderful items from her personal prop collection, I knock the dust off some of my coveted props, and we play.

Additional thanks and credit to our assistants Tonya and John.

Such a fun day. – Kyle

Lamb Ribs and Veal Chop

Ribeye and Lamb Pops

BTW, these images are part of a bigger body of work I call graphic food photography.

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