Mountain Jim’s Tea Cakes

I thought growing up in Dallas I knew everything I needed to know about being a Southerner. Well, it wasn’t until I moved to Nashville where I was called “hun” and learned about things like sweet-tea and tea cakes—now I really feel like a part of the South. We got to spend some time with Mountain Jim’s Tea Cakes and captured the following images here in the studio.

We get a lot of requests for “natural light” food photography. We love shooting in natural light but also recognize that we can’t predict the kind of light we’ll get…clouds, late sun, or in December early sunset. So, we like to create natural light so we can get consistent results regardless of what mother nature is doing. That’s the case here…strobes used to create the natural light look. We think it looks like a nice summer day. What do you think? – Kyle

nashville tennessee tea cake - lemon

nashville tennessee tea cake - vanilla

nashville tennessee tea cake - coco

nashville tennessee tea cake - key lime

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