Olympic Dream

In our house there’s been a subtle buzz for the past couple of months. Granted, there’a always some level of buzz in our house with our three boys, but this buzz was infecting Amy and me as well. The buzz has been building up over time and only became more apparent last Friday night when we all huddled around the TV to watch the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics. Every evening since we’ve enjoyed watching the various events…gymnastics, swimming, diving, archery, sculling.

Olympic Onion Rings

It’s interesting to hear the perspectives of a 6, 8 and 10 year old as they develop opinions about their favorite sports, which athletes they want to root for and answer the question “Was that really the Queen who jumped out of the helicopter?”

With the increasing medal count for Team USA we continue to share much of our evening captivated by the stories, the abilities and the accomplishments of these great dedicated athletes. I wonder what this inspiration will do for my boys…will Lego building be an Olympic sport one day? They can dream.


ps. The boys weren’t too keen on my idea to have British food as part of our Olympic watching experience…Pâté, Bangers-n-Mash and Fish-n-Chips didn’t sound too appetizing to them. Something to work up to I suppose.

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