Record Store Field Trip!

For Dreier & Company music is an integral part of our everyday studio life. On set we are always streaming from our seemingly endless array of Pandora stations and still finding more hidden musical gems to share as background music for photoshoots. Seriously, we’ve got it covered from Americana to Zydeco, we can inspire any mood! When it’s just our team in house, you can pretty much bet on each of us bouncing in our seats with headphones as we work away on our computers. (Erica can even be¬†caught from time to time having¬†herself a little sing-along session in her office, hehe!)

So, it came as no surprise when Kyle showed up to the studio recently with a record player. Kyle and John set about installing the perfect “music station” and voila! We joined the record business. Only one slight problem… we didn’t have any records. Thankfully, Nashville has several sources for quality new and used records. All this to say, the Dreier & Company crew loaded up for a field trip and headed straight to Grimey’s to pick out some records. Since this inaugural trip we’ve added more to our collection, but we encourage friends, crew, stylists and clients to bring their favorite albums and give them a spin!

Our selections?

  • Emily: Springtime Carnivore | Self-Titled
  • Erica: Shovels and Rope | O’ Be Joyful
  • John: The War on Drugs | Lost in the Dream
  • Kyle: R.E.M. | Document

– Emily

Record Store Field Trip

Record Store Field Trip

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