Silo’s Chef Larry Carlile

The restaurant scene in Nashville seems to be hotter than ever right now. (I hate that I just said “restaurant scene”. Surely there’s a better way to state this.) How about… There are a lot of innovative independent restaurants in Nashville worth checking out. Silo in the Germantown area of Nashville is a neat place to eat. (“Neat”? I’ve obviously run out of adjectives. This is why I’m a food photographer and not a food writer.)

We had Chef Larry Carlile at the studio a while back, and he prepared his hot chicken for an editorial story we were shooting. Chef Larry is quiet and understated; his hot chicken is not. It’s bold. It’s almost like he’s just daring you to take a big bite. On a recent visit to Silo, I shared their appetizer portion with a friend. That was perfect for me… I’m kind of a “hot chicken” wimp. – Kyle

Silo Nashville Hot Chicken and Chef Larry Carlile

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