Steakhouse – BOH

The term “back-of-house” (BOH) is commonly thrown around in the restaurant industry. It’s basically what happens behind the doors to the kitchen…food storage, prep, cooking, dish washing, etc. (There’s also “front-of-house” which is where the guest experience happens.) I thought I’d share some back-of-house photography we did for a steakhouse in Phoenix, Arizona. Naturally, we focused on the food prep (that’s where the excitement is) rather than the dish washing. I enjoy spending time photographing chefs and their teams in action. It’s neat seeing everyone working together to create a great front-of-house dining experience.

– Kyle

veggie prep

vegetable steamer

steak prep

lamb chops

shrimp prep / steak on grill

steak on grill

Food Photography by Kyle Dreier

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