Studio Facelift

Here at the Dreier & Company studio, we pride ourselves on sharing a friendly, client focused atmosphere. We are always looking for ways to expand on convenience, creativity, and straight-up fun. With that in mind, the Dreier & Company facilities have undergone a major facelift inside and out over the past few months.

Inside we have torn down walls, built them anew and doubled the client collaborative work space. Work from seats at common tables or on a comfy couch; you’ll always be able to find a nice spot to nestle into. Need a quiet spot to hold top secret phone calls? We even have a private room available for just that purpose. In addition to the re-jigging of work space, we’ve built brand new, fully stocked “his” and “hers” powder rooms. And I must say, they are quite lovely!

Truly, it brings our team joy to suit our client’s creative and collaborative needs. Better still, we have more space improvements in the works. Next up, clients will be able to convert one of the open work areas into a private conference room with the gentle push of transitional sliding walls. How neat is that?!

We sure hope you like the changes (we know that we certainly do!) and do feel free to send us a note at to let us know what you think!

– Emily, Marketing Wrangler

Studio Interior Behind The Scenes Construction

Studio Interior Client Space

Studio Interior Client Space

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