Turkey & Dressing

In between productions we set aside blocks of time to work on our own projects—play days with some focus but still plenty of room for serendipity. You may have seen earlier posts about our ampersand series. As I recover from two full blown Thanksgiving meals I thought I’d share some Thanksgiving related work we did here in the studio recently…yet another “&” food inspired session…”turkey & dressing”.

Not to digress too much, but I did encounter some debate during one Thanksgiving meal about what we call “dressing” and “stuffing.” I guess I’m kinda technical in my position on the subject as I consider “stuffing” what is cooked inside (stuffed into) the turkey. “Dressing”, to me, is what is served with or along side a roasted turkey.

A big thanks to Sara Rounsavall for her food styling excellence, Emily Pierce for prop wrangling and styling, Erica O’Rock for producing and John Love for assisting. I’m thankful for all the talents we bring into each shoot.

– Kyle

carrots and pumpkin pie

blood orange and pumpkin

turkey and dressing ampersand

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