Kid’s Meals These Days

It’s no secret I’m kinda tough on my kids…or at least I try to be. I can’t help it, I was raised by a dairy farmer who didn’t have indoor plumbing until high school. Wait for it…here it comes…When I was a kid, the only “happy meal” we had was ANY MEAL put in front of us. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. I’m just going for effect here. One shift I’ve seen over the years is healthier options for our youngsters. No objections to healthy. We recently did the food photography for a series of kids meals for Ruby Tuesday, a fast-casual restaurant with over 500 locations across the US. Shooting food geared toward kids kinda makes me want to be a kid again…oh the care-free days of Summer and the ditches I “got” to dig. – Kyle

kids meals food photography

kids' meal

kids' meal

Food Photographer • Kyle Dreier  |  Food Stylists • Teresa Blackburn & Whitney Kemp

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