Leap (Year) Day Ponderings

Leap Year - February 29, 2012

Today only happens every four years (almost) and it has me pondering—is February 29th a gift which is actually spread out over the next four years or is it repayment for time we’ve already used from the last four years? While you wrestle with that I’ll move on to my next question.

What will things be like next Leap Day?

My boys will be 13, 12 and 10—our grocery bill will likely be twice what it is today.

Our country will be preparing for another presidential election. Will it be an incumbent or a change of guard?

I’ll be four years older. Will I finally followthrough on my New Year’s Resolution(s) to exercise more?

Will the top Google search still be “Justin Bieber”…or will “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” make a comeback?

It will be neat to see what develops with food trends. Will the “local food” movement be more mainstream? I hope so.

I know it’s trite to say but it’s true…time flies. I’m looking forward to the next four years and what it holds…as long as it’s not bell-bottom jeans.

What about you?


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