Sunny Side Up and More Bacon

I’m a huge fan of breakfast for dinner. Given the opportunity I like to monopolize the kitchen and transform into a short-order cook. I wish I had a cape. I’m not sure how my kids will one day descibe their dad whipping up french toast, waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon…and serving it up for dinner. Let me clarify, not all of those at once—that’s simply the spectrum of possibilities.

All the options are great, but there’s something comforting to me about a straightforward eggs and bacon breakfast…er,uh…dinner. Oh heck, breakfast for lunch is good, too. Let’s not get too rigid about when we can have this dynamic combo.

So, herein are a couple of images I did as a part of a new look I’ve been developing. I’m not going to get into the technical aspects of these images but will say that I am enjoying some of the surprises that emerge in the shadows. That reminds me of something a friend of mine (who is a gaffer) said once “We don’t make light, we make shadows.” Yes, I agree. It’s the shadows that make things interesting. On set, we call it “drama” and often ask for more.

So, here’s to more drama! …and breakfast for dinner!

Eggs and Bacon in Pan

Eggs and Bacon on Plate

What about you? What’s for dinner?

– Kyle

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