Food to be Tied

A couple of weeks ago we had a break in our schedule allowing us time to do some personal work…time to raid my twine collection. I don’t know exactly what started all my tying up food with twine but it’s certainly turned into a bit of a direction for me.

Initially I thought the food pairings were the first of my tied food but then I remembered the tying madness started much earlier—around 2008 with some still life images I did where I took objects that don’t necessarily go together—dried roses, old drill bits, rusty railroad spikes, fresh asparagus—and tied them all up with twine. That was then.

So, here are a few images—food objects not only tied but also hanging.

Garlic Tomato Still LIfe

Pizza Still Life

If you’re a psychologist maybe you can help me understand what my “tied food” means. As far as I can tell, it simply means I like random things tied with twine. But who knows, maybe there’s more to it than that. Feel free to speculate.

– Kyle

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