The Peeps that Remain

It wouldn’t be spring without the friendly appearance of Peeps in every shape and color on grocery shelves. Its an American Easter essential. Just Born, the company that produces the sugary marshmallows, churned out over one billion of them this Easter season alone. Which got us thinking… when the easter egg hunts and sugar comas subside, what are we to do with the copious amounts of marshmallow that remain?

So, we had a brainstorm session and came up with some helpful ideas…

  • Snuggle up to a big mug of hot chocolate with floating marshmallow peeps.
  • Forget March Madness brackets… microwave Peep jousting is the future of sport!
  • Graham Cracker + Peep + Chocolate = Peep S’Mores
  • Working on a sewing project? Peeps of all shapes and colours make fun, inexpensive pincushions.
  • An unusual and sweet take on sushi, meet “Peep-shi.”  This is where rice krispies treats replace traditional sushi rice.
  • Keep opened wine bottles from getting funky… just plug with a peep for an adaptable wine stopper!
  • Replace those plain Jane marshmallows on your next batch of rice krispies with pinks, yellows and blues to achieve marbled “Peeps Krispies Treats.”
  • Fishing on a budget? Pick up a 10-pack for about a dollar and the brightly colored peeps will serve as excellent fishing lures.

(Note: We are totally kidding. Well, with most of these… we might host a bonfire just to make those Peep S’mores.)

– Dreier & Company


Peep 2


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