Observations on Food

Since joining the Dreier & Company team as Marketing Wrangler in February this year, I was initially afraid that being surrounded by food and its accouterments all day, every day, would cause me to run away from my kitchen. I’m delightfully surprised to say that has turned out to not be the case.

I have never considered myself a foodie or kitchen centric individual. While I can decipher between the ranges of sub-par to excellent meals, as well as, create my signature potato cookie recipe from memory, I really haven’t given much thought to the process. Historically, the act of cooking dinner has felt more like a robotic response than a frolic through the fields with Martha Stewart. Yet, since joining Kyle Dreier’s photo + motion studio, I find myself being drawn into my kitchen. Cooking documentaries are filling my Netflix cue, once dusty cookbooks are becoming dog-eared and a previously scattered grocery list has become “meal-centric.” While I don’t foresee a change to our household ritual of “Sunday Night Pizza” happening, an undeniable gravitational pull towards the details and appreciation of food production is certainly occurring.

I can only credit this shift to one thing: witnessing the creative and joyful collaborations within our studio. Being “on set” is fun in itself, but to witness a crew of talented creatives, from kitchen to camera, transform a lemon garnish on one’s sweet tea into a lasting, emotive moment… well you just have to sit back and drink it in.

– Emily, Future Foodie

tea, lemon, beverage, drink, food, close up

tea, lemon, beverage, drink, food

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