When in Brussels, or Elsewhere

When I was growing up my mom made Brussel sprouts now and then. (Nope, I didn’t grow up in Brussel—I grew up in Dallas, Texas.) Sitting around the dinner table and being expected to eat these cabbage-like oddities felt more like punishment than anything, but over time I developed a taste for them—I think if for nothing else because they offer such a different experience.

Brussel Sprouts

Even today I enjoy them now and then to break up the meal-time monotony. Laure (our caterer) prepares Brussel sprouts for us on occasion and there’s never any left over. (Our crew certainly likes to eat…maybe I’m working them too hard.)

Brussel Sprouts

I think Brussel sprouts simply don’t get enough well deserved attention. They’re really healthy when prepared right and they have great flavor. Admittedly, I’m a little weird–I like to dissect mine as I eat them. They’re just so interesting.


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