Up Close Burgers

I mentioned in an earlier post, Up Close Drinks, about how I enjoy seeing the crazy details in some of the food we photograph. It’s kinda like accidental macro photography. The PhaseOne P40+ digital backs we use certainly help. So, how about some hamburgers up-close and personal. – Kyle


hamburger details food photography


black and blue burger


hamburger food photography


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Nashville Food Trucks Part 2

More food trucks! We have had a great time shooting for the Nashville Food Truck Association this spring and summer. I was amazed at the variety, quality and creativity that all of these truck owners pack into such a small space. I was also amazed with how full I was at the end of each shoot day having tasted pretty much everything each truck cooked (it was all delicious for the record). There are more than 50 trucks in the NFTA which cover pretty much the entire culinary spectrum, so there is a food truck for everyone. I suggest you hit the streets and start trying them all. – John




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Organized Messy Popsicles

If you’ve been following some of our personal work lately you’ve seen that I lean toward the contrast between organized and messy. It’s not unlike my personal life…some parts are very organized and others are, well, uh…very messy. For some reason I find doing these compositions very therapeutic. – Kyle

organized popsicles

melted popsicles

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Backyard Dinner

I was looking through some past tear sheets and came across a summer food feature we photographed for Diabetes Forecast magazine. If you follow our blog, you know we do quite a bit of food photography for this publication designed for American Diabetes Association members. This particular story was for their food issue, so we had a number of spreads to work with. Believe it or not, this backyard patio environment photo was created here in the studio. With a lot of planning days before, this set came together very quickly on the shoot day itself. To see more food photography visit our website at www.dreier.com. Food styling by Whitney Kemp.

– Kyle

summer cover

fire & nice

apple mustard pork chops

fish tacos-spread

grilled chicken with beets

shrimp with lemon

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American Indian Recipes

These American Indian (Native American) recipes were featured in the October issue of Diabetes Forecast magazine for the American Diabetes Association. The recipe development and testing for these recipes is provided by the client. Our role is to work with the art director and collaborate on creative direction for the feature. We then execute the food styling, propping and food photography here in our studio located in Nashville, Tennessee. (Food styling by Whitney Kemp)



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National Donut Day

Since it’s Friday I’ll make this post short and sweet.

It’s National Donut Day which is a day worth celebrating here at Dreier & Company. Being a part of Kyle’s crew during a donut shoot is always especially delicious, because we end up eating as many as we photograph. So here’s to donuts, one of our favorite breakfast foods. – John

national donut day food photography breakfast



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