Up Close Drinks

When we’re shooting in the studio, we check focus by zooming in on an image using a large monitor, and I often fall in love with a small detail within the image. The PhaseOne P40+ digital backs we shoot with give us crazy good resolution. Sometimes the detail is artfully abstract, and other times it can be on the edge of looking kinda gross. With drinks, the details are wonderfully refreshing. So, now you see what we see on set. – Kyle

drink images

up close drink photography

up close drink photography

up close drink photography

up close drink photography

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Food for a Day

We’re doing a little catching up around here. It seems spring has brought some spring cleaning and the blog is finally benefiting from a little bit of attention.

The following tear sheets are from an ongoing client, Diabetes Forecast magazine produced for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). We get to do quite a bit of food photography for the ADA, and in doing so I’ve learned more about what foods are better for those suffering from diabetes. While I don’t have diabetes I do try to eat with some leaning toward healthy options. These diabetic-friendly recipes have helped shape my awareness and eating habits. This particular story was how to keep your calorie count down at 1,600 for a single day. (I think I had a dessert with that many calories one time.)

We shot these spreads here in the studio while getting direction via video-conferencing with the art director halfway across the country. Food styling by Whitney Kemp.

– Kyle



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Following, Feeds and RSS

I know the idea of following a blog is elementary to many, but I thought it’d be worth providing a little insight about how to follow blogs in general and how to follow our blog specifically.

Disclaimer: I like to think of myself as being better than average when it comes to technical things, but I’ve completely lost track over the past couple of years about RSS and other following methods for blogs. I’m learning the hard (and slow) way. Here’s what I know so far.

If you’re like me, you used to get your RSS feed directly through your email program. Somewhere along the way applications changed, I lost my feeds, and I lost my motivation to keep up with the changes in how we’re supposed to follow or get feeds. So, up to now I’ve kinda just been making the rounds on blogs I like, and have been missing being notified of new content as it’s posted.

Today I decided it was time to get a little more proactive and figure out how to use a desktop app for my blog reading. After a quick Google search and a couple of quick review reads I decided to give Feedly a try. I’m literally 30 minutes into using it and so far it’s fine. I’ve certainly not mastered it, but it’s better than nothing—which was my prior plan. I’m sure I’ll become more discerning as time goes on but for now it’s my go-to for blog reading. I know there are probably better readers out there, I just don’t know what they are. Do you have a preferred reader? Let us know. (studio@dreier.com).

Here’s how our blog.dreier.com feed shows up in Feedly.

Freedy blog reader

So, how to follow blog.dreier.com? Look for the RSS symbol—which looks like a quarter-piece of the Target logo—or go to blog.dreier.com/feed/. If you get a page full of code then you don’t have a reader specified. Or, you may need to copy the link and paste into your reader.

Another route for staying up to date with blogs is to use Feedburner for updates via email. See the subscription form here. All you do is enter your email and reply to the confirmation email they send you. Now you’ll get an email each time a new post is put up on the blog.

I hope you find this abbreviated info about RSS helpful. If you have any questions or helpful insights, please email us at studio@dreier.com and let us know.


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Nashville Food Trucks

With summer upon us, food trucks are preparing for their peak season with a number of outdoor events on the schedule here in Nashville. We were asked by the Nashville Food Truck Association to do some quick (and by quick I mean really quick) portraits and food shots for each of their 50+ food truck members. (I told you it was quick.) This approach to food photography is a fun change of pace from what we normally do in studio where we might spend an hour or more on just one shot. In this situation we have about five minutes with each truck to do their “portrait” in front of the Nashville skyline, and then another ten minutes to capture a couple of their signature dishes. Here are a few samples of what and who we’ve shot so far. Many more food trucks, owners and their food to come later. – Kyle

Nashville Food Truck - Black Birds

Nashville Food Truck - King Tuts

Nashville Food Truck - Little Italian

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Soups and Sandwiches

I should know better than to do a blog post during lunch on a day when I brought my sad brown bag lunch to the studio. Such is the exotic life of a food photographer. Ha! The image of the sandwiches and soups is something we did a while back for Cracker Barrel’s website. Lovely food styling by Teresa Blackburn and Whitney Kemp. (“Lovely” is a word I’m comfortable writing in a blog post, but I don’t know that I’d say it out loud…unless I were being sarcastic. I’m being sincere in this case. I just wanted to clarify.) – Kyle

cracker barrel website

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Colorful Peppers

We had some fun in the studio with these beautiful peppers. By “fun” we mean organizing things neatly then messing them up. Food photography doesn’t always have to be an image of a recipe or of something baked or grilled. Sometimes it’s just something edible organized neatly. That’s fun to us. What’s fun to you? Anything you’d like to see us organize neatly and mess up? We’re up for it. To see other things we’ve organized neatly see our food photography portfolio. – Kyle



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