Ingredient Cues

We do a lot of food photography involving complete recipes where our food stylists are preparing dishes or meals to spec for restaurants, or they are following a recipe to be published in a magazine. I guess that’s kind of the typical food photography someone would expect from a food photographer.

Sometimes we get to stray from the usual, and in this case we highlighted certain ingredients found in our client’s recipes. I say “get to” because often with the task comes the opportunity to break out of the usual approach for photographing food and we can play some. We like to play.

This is a series of images we did for a national client where we (food stylist, prop stylist, art director and I) put together these small vignettes to highlight some of the fresh ingredients found in some of their holiday menu offerings.

– Kyle

fresh ingredient cues

fresh ingredient cues

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Kidney Friendly Recipes

Sure, there are “kid-friendly” recipes out there, but have you ever heard of kidney-friendly recipes? Now you have. These from a shoot we did with our regular client the American Diabetes Association for their Diabetes Forecast magazine. Styling by Nashville food stylist Whitney Kemp. To see more food photography visit



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Captain D’s Social Media Campaign

Captain D’s did a recent social media campaign contest with a compare/contrast to find the differences between two food photographs highlighting their food and ingredients. We did the food photography with them here in Nashville along with Big Com advertising agency out of Birmingham, Alabama. Art Direction by Aaron Greshem and food styling by Atlanta based Tami Hardeman.

fish sticks food photography

fresh ingredients food photography

hush puppies food photography

veggie sides food photography

Can you spot the differences between the images? Some are more obvious than others, but I was there and still find myself stumped at a few of these.

– Kyle

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Stoney River – Legendary Steaks, and more

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I really enjoy getting to work with outstanding chefs on food photography projects. Chef Jim and Chef Michael with Stoney River are no exception. It’s always a fun and productive time with these guys. I think what impresses me most is Chef Jim’s leadership and commitment to quality food. And they both approach each recipe/dish with an artful eye. Here are a few images from a recent shoot with them here at the studio.

Stoney River Salmon Food Photography

Stoney River Shrimp Food Photography

Stoney River Steak Food Photography

We recently did a series of images for their brunch menu. I can’t post them yet, but let’s just say the dishes are beyond good. I actually broke my own rule about eating on the job and tasted the creme brûlée french toast…unbelievably good. We’ll post those images in a couple of months.


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A Jackson Pollock Waffle, Sort Of

I’m a procrastinator. Now, finally after years of thinking of this we actual shot this last week. I’m so relieved. It really was haunting me. What else do I need to say, it’s part of a series of Jackson Pollock inspired food works, for lack of a better term.




Now, to get to the 37 other food photography concepts I’ve got in my “to do” folder. Look for them in a few years.


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Chinet Settings

I know it seems like I start each blog post with “we had fun…” but it’s true. We did have fun, and I’m OK with that. I love working with art directors who come with ideas allowing us to draw on our team to produce nice work. OK, group hug.

So, here are some ads we shot for Chinet promoting their various paper plate and “cut crystal” plasticware.



And yes, We DID have fun.


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