Lighter Lunch

Lunch recipe for Diabetes Forecast magazine.

Food styling by Whitney Kemp
Food photography by Kyle Dreier


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Southern Biscuits and Pancakes

Coming from Dallas, you’d think that biscuits would have been a part of our daily routine. Honestly, it wasn’t until Amy and I moved to Tennessee that we really had a sense of “The South” and how important biscuits are to the culture. Loveless Cafe certainly has been a part of the influence for us. So, I’ve been doing graphic before/after food photography with certain foods, and recently we did biscuits. And we did pancakes, because that’s another one of my weaknesses. Food styling for these was done by the talented (and true southerner) Whitney Kemp. You can see more of this graphic style here: Next? How about BBQ? Stay tuned. – Kyle

Biscuits Food Photography

Pancakes Food Photography

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Crudité and Other Fancy Words

When I was growing up, my mom was pretty good about keeping me and my brother fed… no small task satisfying tall, active teenage boys. I can remember her buying in bulk (this is before Sam’s Club and Costco) Mrs. Baird’s fried pies and cream-filled cupcakes from the day-old store. We’d keep them in the freezer and nuke them as our appetites dictated.

Well, the other side of the spectrum was that mom would cut up veggies and put them on a big platter and serve them up for us to eat with some ranch dressing. It’s not until recently (because I’m not very cultured) that I learned this is called a crudité platter. We just called it cut veggies, but then again I did grow up in Dallas, Texas.

So why all this talk about cut veggies and crudités? Oh, that fancy word came up on a recent shoot involving them. See sample below. Another word that came up recently was charcuterie. Nothing to show for that yet. Who knows what words will come up this week. – Kyle


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Bacon and Ham, Please

Is it just me, or is there a universal obsession with bacon? I’m not being judgmental here… just making an observation. Case in point, my boys would put bacon on cereal if we let them. OK, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but when we put bacon on the table you’d think they hadn’t eaten in days. Their animal instincts kick in, and there’s this huge frenzy of grabbing each piece followed by proclamations of who got more than the other.

That really doesn’t have much to do with the images below. Bacon. That’s really the only connection.

We did these images in our studio here in Nashville for a national client for their retail packaging. Food styling by the dynamic duo Teresa Blackburn and Whitney Kemp.

Go Team! Go Bacon!

– Kyle

Bacon Breakfast

Ham Sandwich

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Freezer Aisle Food

Because I’m so good and keeping up with blogging about recent shoots (not), I thought I’d show what we did about a year ago. This is from the October issue of Diabetes Forecast… last year. Better late than never, right? This was a story about diabetic friendly foods from the freezer aisle. Food styling by Whitney Kemp. Tardy blog posting (and food photography) by Kyle.

frozen food recipes

frozen food recipes

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Silo’s Chef Larry Carlile

The restaurant scene in Nashville seems to be hotter than ever right now. (I hate that I just said “restaurant scene”. Surely there’s a better way to state this.) How about… There are a lot of innovative independent restaurants in Nashville worth checking out. Silo in the Germantown area of Nashville is a neat place to eat. (“Neat”? I’ve obviously run out of adjectives. This is why I’m a food photographer and not a food writer.)

We had Chef Larry Carlile at the studio a while back, and he prepared his hot chicken for an editorial story we were shooting. Chef Larry is quiet and understated; his hot chicken is not. It’s bold. It’s almost like he’s just daring you to take a big bite. On a recent visit to Silo, I shared their appetizer portion with a friend. That was perfect for me… I’m kind of a “hot chicken” wimp. – Kyle

Silo Nashville Hot Chicken and Chef Larry Carlile

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