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Another month has passed at Dreier & Company. The start of fall had a lot to offer and the good times are continuing into the holiday season. Keep up with us and all that’s happening in November by following us on Instagram. – John


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National Candy Corn Day

Around here I think we’d be OK if everyday was candy corn day. There’s something addictive about these little sweets. We decided to have a little fun in anticipation of National Candy Corn Day. We hope you enjoy today and have a Happy Halloween filled with very few tricks and many sweet treats. – Kyle

National Candy Corn Day - Organized

National Candy Corn Day - Mess

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Bruschetta in Motion

Creating motion food photography work is very different than doing stills. For one, it takes more people, more equipment, more planning, more vision, more editing and more patience. I’m not always great at any one of these, but all of these…? Oh boy, I need help…big time. I’ve said before and I’ll likely say until…well, you know…I highly value and enjoy working with others in creative collaboration.

For this short exploratory test spot we worked here in the studio with a very small crew…um…John? Good job! Big thanks to Matt Huesmann for all the hats he’s able to wear and to Hannah Messinger for food styling and even some mighty fine hand modeling work.

– Kyle

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Meats in the Raw

We don’t often get asked to photograph raw meats, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to do some personal/portfolio work on the subject. Nashville food stylist Teresa Blackburn and I schemed up the idea of doing these graphic still lives. I guess this is just further proof that food photography and food styling isn’t always a recipe or something on a restaurant menu.

Truth be known, Teresa and I get into a zone when working together on little projects like this. I guess it’s our fine art backgrounds that kick in and take over. The compositions develop as Teresa pulls wonderful items from her personal prop collection, I knock the dust off some of my coveted props, and we play.

Additional thanks and credit to our assistants Tonya and John.

Such a fun day. – Kyle

Lamb Ribs and Veal Chop

Ribeye and Lamb Pops

BTW, these images are part of a bigger body of work I call graphic food photography.

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Back to the Future

In 1989, the movie sequel Back to the Future II was released. This is relevant because in the movie Marty McFly, the protagonist, time travels forward to today—October 21, 2015. So I thought we would do a little time traveling ourselves and visit some old Dreier & Company behind-the-scenes photos. A lot has changed over the past few years including the addition of yours truly to the team. Enjoy these photos, explore the blog, and follow us on instagram to see more of the fun things this company has done over the years and is currently doing. – John

p.s. Sorry, Marty, no flying cars yet.







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National Dessert Day

Dessert. Too many calories. Too much sugar. It will spoil your appetite. You won’t get any if you don’t finish your vegetables.

Well today throw all that logic into the garbage, because it’s National Dessert Day and you need to be celebrating. Get out there, eat your favorite sweet treat and enjoy it to the fullest. Today’s the day to substitute your salad for a slice of cake and your green tea for a milkshake. Indulge. In case you need some inspiration, here are a few delectable photographs hot out of our image archive oven. Now go and eat, and whatever you do today be sure to save room for dessert. – John





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